An Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour - Phoenix Cups Starter Pack for One

Are you interested in learning more about children's behaviour and how to apply the Phoenix Cups framework in practice?

We understand self-funding your own PD as an educator can be difficult. We want to ensure you can start your Phoenix Cups journey at an affordable price, so we've created this starter pack.

In your educator pack you will get:

* A Phoenix Cups tote bag

* An Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour book

* A template kit to guide you through collecting data about behaviour and analysing it

* A set of 5 reflection cards

* 1.5 hours online training with Sandi Phoenix - The Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour webinar teaches you where the Phoenix Cups framework has come from, what the concept looks like in practice and how to apply it all through a fun and interactive online session packed with stories and discussion.

98.00 98.0 AUD