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Are you looking for Professional Development that comes to your education and care service during work hours?

 Does your team need support and coaching from an experienced and fully qualified professional?

 Would your team and leaders benefit from in-service support during hours that children are in attendance?

 Phoenix Support for Educators offer coaching and mentoring to ensure your Professional Development experience is meaningfully customised to your service.

 Phoenix Support learning facilitators can visit your service during operational hours to meet with individual team members, observe learning environments, and/or model programs and strategies.

 Coaching & mentoring promotes and facilitates change and learning to ensure educators and leaders get the most from their PD opportunity

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The Ultimate Phoenix Support Program

Have you considered our 12-month Coaching and Mentoring Program for leaders?

Quality Improvement Planning

Are you needing support with your Quality Improvement Planning? We love to help during the time you need it most! We'll come in so you don't need to work after hours. We won't do Mock Assessments because we think they're a complete waste of your time. We'll discuss the QIP and look for ways to put your thoughts on to paper, we don't believe doing it for you is the best way to support you. We WILL, however, ensure you have all of the resources you need to understand the National Quality Framework and we'll support to write your QIP, identify training needs and source professional learning relevant to your needs.

Invite us to come to you for 3 – 10 hours of in-service support.

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