Equality, feminism, self-reflection and hypocrisy

As a woman in both business AND Education and Care…. I don't do loud and proud feminism (shoot me for that later). I detest the term "Mum-preneur", "working Mum", "single Mum" or anything that labels a woman as a walking, talking womb. Then there are the women's groups that are not Mothers.. the "women in business" clubs. I can not stand business workshops with pink tablecloths and cupcakes aimed at empowering women to be successful business owners.

I realise there are some that would like to throw rocks at me for that but it's merely my opinion. I am in full support of those that do identify with these things.. you go, girl… I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It's just not for me. It's not that I don't align with the feminist agenda. I certainly do… sometimes (especially after a few glasses of wine and one too many bogan sexist slurs thrown my way). I'm just not really comfortable identifying with it in business. I think it segregates us from our male colleagues and I can't see how excluding men makes us more "equal".

BUT now I'm going to be hypocritical. Because that's not to say that women shouldn't pat themselves on the back every now and again. Today I was forced to reflect when a colleague shared a post that challenged my latent beliefs about feminism.

I Am Woman - ABC TV

When I see images like the ones in this video and I'm reminded of the times when this song was most powerful… I realise that I take the life that I lead today as a woman for granted. I expect equality.I'll let you in on a secret... I was born in 1980 (I like to say the Eighties, so I sound younger). Being an Eighties kid meant that the stuff that happened in the 50s, 60s and 70s was the olden days. Sometimes I forget that, just before my time, our Mothers and their Mothers and their Mothers (let's not forget many of the men alongside them), fought hard for the world that women live in today. And let's face it… we have a long way to go in this female-dominated sector for equal pay.Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences), one of my fave bloggers posted this article today about pay in this sector. 

EYLF Pirates – She works hard for the love

I digress. This song certainly celebrates women's strength. It encourages us to stand tall and hear the proud goddess that is within each of us. We have come a long way. Some days we need a theme song to climb the mountains. I reckon this version is just magically powerful.It certainly made me stop for a moment to think and be thankful.
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