Educators do not "cheat" and our work is not easy

Things you will NEVER find at Phoenix Support

  • EYLF Cheat Sheets (or any Cheat sheets for that matter). There is no cheating. There is only hard work, responsiveness to children, and authentic documentation. We’re not going to sell you checklists, either. You can read more about that on our post … Checking the Checklists.
  • Learning Story Templates (Especially the “themed” type). If you are writing your documentation around children’s learning in a story format, and doing it well, an “under the sea” template is just downright insulting.
  • We won’t make anything “easy” or “simple”. Education and Care is not easy, EVER! If you want easy, go flip burgers. Education is dedicated hard work… Rewarding work but not easy work.
  • “Trainers” that teach every aspect of your job and add the claim to guarantee you pass Assessment and Rating if you give us all your money to torture you with an Audit or Mock Assessment. We’re good but we’re not that good.
  • We’ll never read something to you that you could have googled in half the time, then call it “PD” (but we might suggest you read it yourself – you can have that advice for free).

What you will find at Phoenix Support:

  • Information and support to build your capacity as capable, inspired educators. Information is free… there are plenty of amazing places to learn more. Start by clicking HERE.
  • Motivating learning facilitators that will encourage you to explore and unpack the NQF. We will support YOU to rediscover how amazing your work already is, and we’ll get excited with you about how you could improve your practice even more.
  • Support to understand different modes of documenting and planning for children’s learning. We will share our knowledge around educational programs and practice concepts. We will facilitate your learning to document practically either with your brain and some paper OR (for educators looking to turn digital) using an exciting, tailored, innovative software solution specially designed for today’s education and care setting.
  • An understanding of the complexities of your role and an appreciation for what you want to achieve as an effective educator. We’ll share ideas and thoughts and reflect with you around how to work smarter, not harder so that you can continue to spend most of your time doing what you love – being, belonging and becoming with children.
  • Learning facilitators that have a specialist knowledge and “Passion” (yeah I said that word – so shoot me) that exudes out of them while they talk to you with lots of body language as they get excited about their obsession.

At the end of the day, we’ve been supporting Educators through in-service Professional Development for years now and we do it because we LOVE it and quite frankly, we’re darn good at it. We also love to travel, meet new teams and see new services that children live and learn in.