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Angie Day

Angie Day has enjoyed a vast array of roles in the education sector for just over a decade. These roles include working as a nominated supervisor, primary teacher, national facilitator, practice coach and NESA supervisor.

When reflecting on her early teaching experiences, Angie often references the fact that she was always 'an early childhood educator trapped in the body of a primary teacher' placing the rights of children at the forefront of her practice. Her pedagogy prioritises dispositions and a love of learning and fun as the foundation from which to teach. For Angie, teaching is about ensuring that as often as possible, education at all levels fits the learner rather than the reverse.

Angie holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary education, as well as Cert IV in Training and Assessment and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Leadership.

Cup filling on maternity leave has also seen Angie begin to study as a celebrant, allowing her to share her connection cup with others on their special occasions.
As a vocal feminist, Angie's research around the implications of language used when teaching young girls is something, she is always keen to share. Her presentations around gendered language used when teaching has forever changed the interactions of educators with children across Australia, and hopefully will have a profound impact on the formation of positive self-identities for young girls everywhere.  

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